For Spring Break this year we actually took a vacation! In years past we have enjoyed being home with no school & did day trips on some of our days off. This year we rented a house in North Charleston. Morganne wanted to do some shopping on historic King St. We enjoyed going in a various shops. We did pop in to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shop for a quick snack before heading on to the City Market area.

Morganne chose Gooey Butter cake & Skillet Cinnamon Bun as her 2 flavors
Crystal chose Salted Peanut Butter Cup & Gooey Butter Cake
My mom chose Rainbow Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt & Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Chloe chose 2 different chocolate flavors. Yeah, she’s adventurous.
Jakim chose one flavor: Bramble Berry Crunch

Mother wasn’t too keen on her Rainbow Buttermilk, but Morganne didn’t let the tartness stop her from finishing it off.

After we enjoyed King St & our ice creams, we were ready to tackle the City Market & end our day at the Joe Riley Waterfront Park & the Pineapple Fountain.

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