Trip To Japan

With much of the credit going to Crystal for her hard work and motivation getting this trip together, we are finally going to Japan to visit her sister. We'll be leaving on March 20th, around nine in the morning, and getting back April 3rd.

In preparation I'm collecting links and facts about our destination. We'll be staying on MCAS Iwakuni, which is about an hour or so south-west of Hiroshima.

  • The Spencers have a web site about the base and surrounding area.
  • Freespot.net has lists of free wi-fi access points, and lists a bunch in Hiroshima.

Interesting note: As of today (March 18), $1.00 US = ¥104.951 (Japanese Yen).

Now you can read my trip journal.

Find out the current weather at Iwakuni Base courtesy of the Weather Underground.